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Moong Dal Cucumber Salad

Moong Daal Cucumber Salad

Moong dal cucumber salad is a healthy and tasty salad recipe.

Peas Paratha

Peas Paratha

Peas paratha is a nutritious paratha which is stuffed with peas.

Potato Chaat

Chaats are very popular snacks in India, potato Chaat is the most popular chaat and very easy to prepare.

Paneer Patties

Paneer patties are crispy potato balls with spicy paneer stuffing, these are perfect for evening snacks.

Almond Rocks

These delicious homemade chocolate-almond rocks can be gifted on special occasions.

Sweet Sevai

Sweet Sevai

This Sweet Sevai recipe is prepared with jaggery or sweet, kids love this.

Achari Tikki

Achari Tikki

Achari tikki is a scrumptious pickle flavored starter which is prepared with paneer and mushrooms.

Pepper Jeera Sevai

Pepper-Jeera Sevai

Pepper Jeera Sevai is another variation recipe of basic sevai which is good for digestion.

Lemon Sevai

Lemon Sevai

Sevai is very popular in South India, this is a lemon Sevai and very easy to prepare.


Sevai (Rice Noodles)

Idiyappam (Sevai -Rice Noodles) is an ideal breakfast recipe which can be enjoyed by whole family.