This recipe is done from cooked rice. Normally murukku is done with milled rice flour, but this recipe is done from left over cooked rice. Left over rice can be used in many ways, one way this murukku. Rice murukku recipe from left over rice is simple and easy to make and will make a nice snack.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: each set 2-3 minutes
Yields: 10-12 murukku


  • Cooked rice 1 cup, grind in mixer to a paste, without adding water.
  • Urid dal flour 1-2 spoon
  • Gram flour 3 spoons
  • Salt, sesame seeds 1 spoon, asafoetida a pinch.
  • Oil for frying.


Mix ground rice with urid dal, gram flour, salt, sesame seeds, asafoetida. If the dough is sticky grease hand with oil and if need add gram flour. See that the dough is thick to be filled in a murukku achu (a device that has a design through which dough comes out and handle that presses the dough through the design)

Heat oil in a kadai. Fill a handful of dough in the achu and press the handle over the oil so the dough comes out through the design. Circle your hand over oil so that murukku spread all over oil.

Cook on both side and drain oil and remove in a plate.

Repeat this process for all dough.

Crisp cooked rice murukku is ready for snacking with hot tea/coffee.

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