Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Yields: 30-40 piece depending on size

This is a sweet recipe made from coconut and rawa (Sooji). This can made on occasions like diwali or any occasion that calls for sweet. This is actually easy to make, beginner recipe who makes debut in sweet making. Try this coconut burfi and enjoy your day with sweet along with your family and loved ones.


  • Coconut 1 grated
  • Rawa (sooji) a handful just to hold the coconut; It should be dry roasted and powdered
  • Sugar 400 g
  • Ghee 100 g
  • Cardamom powder for flavor and nuts to decorate


Fry nuts in little ghee and keep aside

Dissolve sugar in a heavy bottomed pan with very little water, just for moisture in this method consistency will come quickly so be near the stove.

When it becomes thick (when you pour the syrup it should form 1-2 string) stir in coconut and rava and continue stirring with pouring spoonful of ghee occasionally.

Sprinkle cardamom powder and nuts and when the mixture starts leaving the vessel nicely remove from fire, spread in a greased plate and cut into shape of square or diamond when it is still hot. It is not necessary to use all ghee if the desired consistency comes earlier it can be removed from fire.

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