Side Dish

Stuffed Capsicum Fry

Stuffed Capsicum Fry is a really hot recipe and can be made with any mix of spices as per your taste.

Mirchi Ka Salan

Mirchi Ka Salan

Mirchi ka Salan, a very popular traditional Hyderabadi dish prepared using long green chillies. It is served as side dish to complement any type of briyani.

Poori Kizhangu

Poori Kizhangu

Poori Kizhangu - A side dish for Poori which is made with potato.



AVIYAL is an excellent South Indian Recipe for side dish. This is not a simple dish to prepare but if you follow the instructions properly then you will certainly enjoy the result.

Paruppu Usili

Paruppu usili

This recipe is good combination for plain rice and variety rice and is rich in protein and makes vegetables even more tasty and healthy. Vegetables like flat beans, beans, cabbage, long beans can be done in this way.



This recipe is a variety rice mix that can be prepared and stored for weeks/months.

Alumuttergobi masala

Alumuttergob Masala

This recipe is good side dish for chapati, roti, puri etc.

Pattani Kurma – Pattani Thengaippal Kurma (peas in coconut milk)

Pattani Thengaippal kurma

This Pattani Kurma recipe uses peas and coconut milk and it is very tasty and goes well with chapati, nan, kulcha etc. Peas is a legume and is rich is protein, vitamin, iron and starch and rich in antioxidants.

Vazhakkai podimas

Vazhakkai Podimas

This recipe uses Vazhakkai (raw plantain) know for its fiber and carbohydrate. It is a poriyal (side dish) and goes with sambar rice, rasam rice etc. It is simple recipe and tastes deliciously. Let us see how to do vazhakkai

Drumstick kurma Murungakkai Kurma

Drumstick Kurma

This recipe’s main ingredient is drumstick, which is rich in iron and is good for our libido but some may be feel lazy to peel if off the skin so I made this kurma by taking the flesh part of