This recipe normally goes with murungakkai kootu. We should mix this thuvaiyal with rice and serve with kootu as side dish. It is great combination for main course meal. Now this thengai thuvaiyal recipe explained in detail below. Please try and enjoy.


  • Coconut grate 1 full coconut
  • Urid dhal 1 tablespoon
  • Red chili 6-7 nos. (can be added or lessened accordingly)
  • Salt to taste
  • Mustard and hing (asafoetida powder) for seasoning
  • Tamrind one small gooseberry size


Heat one spoonful of oil in a pan and fry urid dhal till nice aroma arise and turns golden brown. Immediately remove in a plate before it burns.

In the same oil fry red chilies.

Now grind the dhal chilies with coconut with salt and tamrind (if using puree use just 1 tsp of puree will do for the taste or it will become too sour)

Remove the ground thuvaiyal in a vessel.

Heat oil in a pan and put a teaspoon of mustard in it when it splutters remove from fire and transfer the seasoning on to the thuvaiyal and sprinkle asafoetida power over and mix well.

Adding tamrind makes a vast change in taste, so try with and without tamrind and see the difference and follow as per your liking from then.

Take a big spoonful of thuvaiyal and mix it well with boiled rice and enjoy murungakai kootu as side dish. If too hot add a half-spoonful of ghee to the rice and see the difference. Wow!!! It will be delicious.

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