Sago Halwa
Sago Halwa

Sago halwa is a sweet recipe for people who love sweet (like me) and it is good for health too, especially for children who need more nutrition. Let us see how to make this sweet Sago Halwa recipe.


Sago Halwa Ingredients
Sago Halwa Ingredients
  • Sago (Javvarisi) 1 cup
  • milk 3 cups
  • sugar-1-1/2 cup
  • ghee- 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder
  • vanilla essence or any flavor of your choice (optional)


Soak sago for 2 hours. Then drain water and grind it to smooth with required amount of milk.


Mix the smooth sago paste to milk and sugar and pour in a thick bottomed vessel like pressure pan, or cooker. Heat has to be in simmer mode. Stir continuously and when the consistency is thick and like halwa (jam) add ghee little by little until it leaves the sides and the ghee starts oozing out of the halwa.

Sago Halwa Cooking
Cooking Sago Halwa

Add fried cashew or any nuts of your choice and flavor or your choice. When the halwa finally leaves the vessel, pour in a pre-greased plate or dish and serve after it cools.

To cut into squares is your option.

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